Forum OpenACS Development: Testing .LRN 1.0.1 Final: Sloan specific words

Dear all,
I found some few files that contain Sloan specific words that are displayed. Maybe it is useful to replace them with a variable containing the actual name of the installation.

packages\dotlrn\www\help.adp(85): Send email to For a new class, include the class
packages\dotlrn\www\help.adp(88): class, you need only email with the number, name
packages\dotlrn\www\help.adp(93): Send email to Include the name of the community,
packages\dotlrn\www\user-add.adp(24): <h3>Add a new user to SloanSpace</h3>
packages\dotlrn\www\user-add.adp(29): <li>If this person is a MIT or Sloan Student have him self-register at so he will have a full access account.
packages\acs-events\www\doc\design.html(136): This is not an unreasonable possibility and is in fact how Sloan


Posted by Jarkko Laine on

Please file this in bug tracker under acs-lang, so Peter won't forget it as soon as he reads this 😉