Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: "Unarchives a community. ** not done yet **"

Posted by Cato Kolås on
The comments from the code for the archive-function:

"Archives a community. This means that:

1. the community is marked as archived

2. the RemovePortlet callback is called for all users of
the community (both members and GAs) and all the applets.
This removes the comm's data from their workspaces

3. all users of the community have their "read" privs
revoked on the comm's portal so that only SWA's can view the archived community"

I guess its then enough to just mark the community as active again and then continue normaly to assign members to it?

The reason I'm asking about this is because it looks like someone already have done this for the unarchive-function, but decided not to actually execute the code, nor is there a url that invoke the function. I'm working on dotlrn-Head but it looks the same (codewise) in dotlrn-1.0.