Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Making OpenACS useful out of the box

Posted by Bjorn Thor Jonsson on

I'm definitely no css expert either, just a wannabe.  Since I saw those two websites: and I've been a beliver.  Try saving any page at those sites as html only, and then open it locally.  When I did that my reaction was:  Wow :)

Posted by Jarkko Laine on

They're both pretty impressive, I'll have to take a look at their stylesheets as soon as I get back home this night. However, they both still get a bit messed up (the latter more than the first one) if you narrow the browser window beyond certain level. Note that this was just a quick test using one browser (Safari), so they might work better or worse with other, more popular, browsers.

But the bottom line is that they avoid the symptom I mentioned in my previous post, so there certainly is hope out there :)