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Posted by Barry Books on
I'm looking to upgrade to 9i this fall and in the spirt of changing everything at once I figured I'd upgrade to ACS 5 and AOLserver 4. So far it seems I may be the first to try this. My question is what modules do I need to build to support 5.0? From what I can tell the list seems to be
  • AOLserver 4.0 beta 8
  • tcl8.4.3
  • nscache-1.5
  • nsoracle-2.6
  • nssha1-0.1
  • tDom-0.7.7
I'm running Solaris 9 and AOLserver/TCL, nscache and nssha1 seem to build fine.

The Oracle driver is a mess. There are a couple of changes needed to compile with AOLserver 4 and 9i but even then it gets a few hunderd prototype warnings. I also can't link it but I think I've got a 32/64 bit compile problem. I hate to ask this but is anyone supporting it anymore?

I'm also having a problem with tDom. When I set --with-aolserver it complains it can't find ns.h.

I suspect this is something dumb but I'm curious if I have the correct versions or if I'm the first to try this?

2: Re: Bleeding edge status (response to 1)
Posted by Barry Books on
I figured out the tDOM problem. It appears with AOLserver 4 you don't use the --with-aolserver flag.
3: Re: Bleeding edge status (response to 2)
Posted by Jeff Davis on
Barry, I have been maintaining the oracle driver and if you have patches for the compiler warnings versus what's currently in the sourceforge cvs please send them along. I don't have a 9i install locally so have not built it versus 9i but a number of people are using it now with no reported problems. If you do find any bugs please report them at the bug tracker on sourceforge.
4: Re: Bleeding edge status (response to 1)
Posted by Barry Books on
I'll pull the latest Oracle driver from CVS, hack on it and send you the result.