Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Outline of 'Getting Started with openACS for Dummies' - guidance/suggestions please!

Thanks for the feedback. In answer to your questions:

  • How to lower the cvs bar - The install docs do a great job of walking one through the initial setup. The problem is what to do next for people that don't routinely use cvs (and some explanation of why/what happens when you do x). After following the installation and the cvs check in (or was it out?), what next? It's been awhile since using cvs for me and that was winCVS. As I recall, once checked out, whenever a change is made to a file, it's flagged as needing update - but wait... thinking back to the install docs, aren't the source and working files the same? If I'm doing dev work on the server, there should be a live version and a separate dev version, shouldn't there? Anyhow, just confusing myself more...
  • What's Excite? And where does one find it? As for the cygwin/emacs setup being same on unix/windows - very true. After working with emacs on the psets a few years back, I was pretty comfortable but is there a Windows alternative that works with standard windows key shortcuts and understands tcl syntax? I think Komodo does but it's not free and I haven't played with it myself.
  • Setting passwords in batches/Qmail users - That's mostly for my needs. I want to get a list of all strata property owners from the council and assign both an email and password to each. These would be distributed ensuring at least an initial level of verifying user identities for voting purposes. I'd guess it's a 10 minute hack to add an additional column to the batch user upload
  • Need a link from Congrats to package installation - that would be a start. I'm pretty well versed with installing and configuring apps but it took me a very long time to figure out what to do. On top of that, the package list gives no indication what each module really is or what to do with them. A basic walkthrough example for say lars blogger or some such would go a long way to enabling new users.
  • Includeable template for each package - that would be great! I had no idea that blogger already does but I haven't started digging in yet either. I'm sure I'll be asking about more details on this later...
  • default Congratulations page isn't helping people - I read it. I read it again. I followed the links. I decided this was going to take some effort to figure out... A starting point for customization of the look/feel would be great. A step by step to get from Congrats to a page like yours or Lars' would go a long way to getting new users educated on how
  • Docbook walkthrough - I'll start toying with it. Expect questions...

So far, no mention of obvious duplication of effort. Guess I'll start plugging away this week! I owe my initial entry into the tech field to Philip's book and the ArsDigita homestudy on the psets - it will be nice to give something back.