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Posted by Robert Locke on
Thanks Dave for taking the time to write this.  Perhaps this can be incorporated into the notifications package docs.

Your timing is also interesting.  In trying to track down certain performance problems with, I found a pretty serious one relating to the notifications package.

There is a scheduled proc called "notification::sweep::sweep_notifications", which is run as often as every minute if you have any instantaneous notifications defined (ie, forums).

In particular, there is a very nasty query in "sweep_notifications" which causes the server load to rise dramatically, free memory to drop from 450MB to under 10MB, and causes the postmaster process to become a huge CPU hog (60 to 90%)!!!  Here it is:

            select notification_id,
            from notifications inner join notification_requests using
(type_id, object_id)
              inner join acs_objects on (notification_requests.request_id =
              left outer join notification_user_map using (notification_id,
            where sent_date is null
              and creation_date <= notif_date
              and interval_id = '2889'
            order by user_id, type_id;

Don has made some suggestions and I will look into it further.  But I thought folks should be informed in case anyone else is experiencing performance problems with their servers.

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Posted by Denis Roy on
Has anybody seen this performance problem on Oracle? If not is it likely to happen?

We are soon going live with and I am very sure that we'd run into huge problems if it was the same for Oracle since notifications are very popular among our users.