Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Status of search for Oracle

Posted by Neophytos Demetriou on
So before we make a decision on what to use it would be cool to hear how long it would probably take to finish the Oracle port of search.

Hi Denis, AFAICS, there is no effort underway to implement FtsEngineDriver for ORACLE Intermedia (a.k.a TEXT, CONTEXT, etc). In the past, some people posted about their intentions to implement the search engine contract for Intermedia, however, nothing is available thus far.

So there is no issue of how long it will take to finish the Oracle port of search (search is already ported to oracle) but whether someone is willing to write the implementation of FtsEngineDriver for Oracle Intermedia. I hope that helps.

Posted by Denis Roy on
Thanks, Neophytos.

What does implementation of such an FtsEngineDriver involve? Is it something that an OACS developer can do or do you have to have knowledge about AOLserver etc.?

I would like to understand how search with OpenFTS works. Can you point me to some pages or docs where I can have a read?