Forum OpenACS Development: Re: moving the default SERVERHOME. Again.

Posted by Chris Johnson on
I have a few threads/postings on how I handled this for gentoo. I am interested in following this thread. I can definitely see the data for SERVICENAME being in /var/SERVICENAME or similar, as that is how dbs (postgres/mysql), apache (/var/www), etc. are handled. And I agree with having the *aolserver* user in /home/aolserver, not sure how to handle with multiple aolserver instances running (perhaps run them as service0, service1, etc. and each have its own /home dir. ( ? ) ).

Re: Reference Platforms and Supported Platforms

new aolserver-4.0 beta2 gentoo packages available

Installation documentation and file permissions

Hope some of that helps...

Posted by Jade Rubick on
I'm not sure about the need to have multiple directories for Aolserver instances. After all, we're not using nsadmin as the user that owns the Aolserver instances any more, right? We're a separate user for each instance, and having them in the web group. That seems better, security-wise.

/var/www seems good to me. Especially if it's what Apache is using. That will also make it easier for Apache users to get used to Aolserver.

Posted by Joel Aufrecht on
By Aolserver instance do you mean OpenACS instance? If you have, say, two services on one machine, then I envision:

/usr/local/aolserver with binaries, nothing service-specific, basically read-only

/home/service0 with ssh certs and emacs files and such for the people who connect to the machine to work or administer on service0
/var/www/service0 with all the files to make service0 work

the service0 user wouldn't be able to affect the service1 user.