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Posted by Chris Johnson on
This problem is related to Lars's thread, "Making OpenACS useful out of the box".

Going along that thread's lines (as I would prefer to do), solving the "default homepage" problem is similar to solving the "Out of Box" experience with OpenACS applications.

Concrete example: I believe that the toolkit should evolve very soon such that a final step of my default install procedure will be to choose between the following (this is before I even see a homepage):

-OpenACS personal portal (blogger-style)
-OpenACS Project Management (sourceforge-style)
-OpenACS dotLRN
-OpenACS dotFamily (subsites for each family member including blogger, photo album, content repository)
-OpenACS dotWRK (work-place portal, including wiki, news, content repository)
-OpenACS barebones ETP subsite

See? This solves the home page problem while unifying all that we have invested in the toolkit...

On a more practical and immediate note, I agree with doing something like ETP or what you're doing for the short term before the above becomes fully feasible (for that we might need to make more packages properly subsite aware...???)

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