Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Outline of 'Getting Started with openACS for Dummies' - guidance/suggestions please!

Some initial links I've tracked down (most have been posted in the forums before - perhaps some could be added to the resources page):

I started looking at docBooks as suggested by Joel - interestingly just as I was concluding that there was no way I was going to bother with the hassle of instaling, configuring, learning, taking 2-3x as long to type... Joel himself started a thread questioning whether docBooks is a barrier to creating documentation.

As I was searching through the bboards trying to find cvs and emacs answers, I came across quite a few 'newbie' documentation threads. Seems this project has been started numerous times before. Are the fruits of any of their labours available anywhere? The most promising thread proposed (and started but seemed to stop after a short time) adding a bunch of FAQ's to the openACS FAQ page. I think that's a great idea! If I set up my docs that way post them on the bboard for review/feedback, who do I have to talk to to get them added to the FAQ's?