Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Outline of 'Getting Started with openACS for Dummies' - guidance/suggestions please!

Brad & all,

I, too, have felt the need for an easier "Now that I have the Congrats page, what next?" guide.

The links and ideas that you've been posting are very helpful. Thanks for hunting those links down.

In addition, I began writing a chapter on setting up an OpenACS homepage, starting from the Congratulations screen. The idea is that a new user could start with something that most people will want to do -- a personal homepage for themselves. Anyway, that's what I've been working on as a first project.

The first draft is at This is intended as a _very_easy_ tutorial for non-programmers. This isn't finished; I only hammered this out last night before bed. I've only gotten as far as installing packages. But I thought you should be aware of my efforts, and perhaps we can pool our energies -- because it seems like we both have a similar idea about the need for a simple introduction for people who aren't familiar with OpenACS. I would welcome any feedback that anyone would like to give on this.