Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Request Error: Server startup failed

Posted by russ m on

has this setup worked in the past, has the configuration been changed, or is it a new install of aolserver and postgres? am I right to guess you're using solaris?

as far as I know the NO FULLQUERY notices are harmless - they just mean the query dispatcher is using an inline query from the .tcl file because there's nothing appropriate in a .xql

the other errors you mention remind me of something I saw ages ago when I had either homedir or serverroot set incorrectly in the sitename.tcl config file.

to see exactly what's going on with finding/loading libpq, you can add

export LD_DEBUG=detail,basic,libs
export LD_DEBUG_OUTPUT=ld-debug-output-file

to your nsd-postgres, and check the output file for the section where it's trying to load libpq... in my setup I see

19888: 1: find; searching
19888: 1: search path=/opt/pgsql/lib:/usr/local/lib (RPATH from file /opt/aolserver/bin/
19888: 1: trying path=/opt/pgsql/lib/

where /opt/pgsql/lib/ is the correct path and all is well... you will see everywhere it's trying to look, which should help track down why it's not looking in the right place (assuming it used to)...