Forum OpenACS Q&A: Rolling stuff into the source?

Posted by Ciaran De Buitlear on
To follow up this thread .  We are currently completing the project and I'm looking at what we can give back to the community.  For starters we have internationalised the following packages/functions taken from head on 7th May 2003:
bboard, templated docs,  general comments, user management, acs_lang.

We built a new "simple/general catgories" package (much simpler than Malte's)  and then a "yellow pages" or "expert search" to allow users to be added to categories and a browse and search.

We did some stuff with "themes" in sws but it's pretty bespoke.

We're currently stuck on getting it all working with Oracle 9i - Hazi is helping.

Ok now what?

Posted by Don Baccus on
General comments - you should contact Dave Bauer as he's working on it for OpenACS 5.0/2.0.  The changes are significant so he's been working in contrib, but the plan is to fold it back into the mainstream.

acs-lang: talk to Collaboraid (Lars/Peter)

bboard: we plan to make this package disappear before long so I'm not sure it's worth our taking your localized version.  The datamodel and much of the code is *horrible*.  Forums needs work but is much more sound as a base for improvement.

user management: you should probably talk to Collaboraid ...

Maybe the categories package should go in "contrib"?  Or maybe folks would like to review it?  Not sure ...

All of this needs to work with 9i since we're going to officially support 9i with 5.0.  Also ... is this all working in Postgres, too?

Posted by Michael Hinds on
Ok Thanks - will contact the relevant people, will put the categories and experts search packages in contrib.  WRT 9i we have made all the necessary changes (or so we thought) to all the source but this falls over when we try and install - see this thread .  The funny thing is if we hook the new code up to 8i it works.  We have no Postgress skills so we've not looked at getting these things working with Postgress.
Posted by Michael Hinds on
Oi Ciaran! Just because we swapped PCs for a minute doesn't mean you can go around impersonating me!