Forum OpenACS Development: Re: moving the default SERVERHOME. Again.

Posted by Jonathan Marsden on
Lamar wrote:
/etc/openacs/$servicename for the tcl, certs, etc configuration. (or /etc/aolserver)
/usr/lib/aolserver for aolserver shared objects
/usr/bin/nsd or /usr/lib/aolserver/nsd (there is precedent for both)
/var/www/$servicename for web data (alternatively, /var/lib/aolserver/$servicename)

Since we'd like the AOLserver RPM to work for people who want AOLserver but not OpenACS, I'd suggest /etc/aolserver rather than /etc/openacs. (My OpenACS 3.2.5 RPMs used /etc/nsd, but /etc/aolserver is easier for newcomers to remember).

Since some installations may want to run Apache and AOLserver on the same machine (bound to different ports or different IP addresses), re-using /var/www might lead to conflicts? So /var/lib/aolserver is preferable IMO. (And it is what my 3.2.5 RPMs used).

I'd opt for /usr/bin/nsd rather than /usr/lib/aolserver/nsd for the binary, but I don't have a solid reason for prefering one over the other (my older AOLserver RPMs used /usr/bin/nsd).

We're now starting to use OpenACS "for real" at my work, so that gives me hope that I might actually be able to find time to build a releaseable set of RPMs for AOLserver and OpenACS 4.6.3 sometime... but given the long delay, if someone else wants to do the work, feel free -- just let me know, please, so that we don't accidentally duplicate our efforts!