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Posted by Gabriel Ricard on

One of the things that I've found difficult about administering an OpenACS (even if it is just my personal site and it's rather small) is that the administrative interfaces are widely spread and there doesn't seem to be any kind of definitive control panel. I searched through the archive and came across this thread but it is now a year later and I'm wondering if the ideas discussed in that thread are still planned for implementation?

I realize one of the problematic areas is that the admin interfaces are split up between a number of different packages. What if there was a single admin interface (I suppose included in ACS Subsite) that was "aware" of other packages and their related admin interfaces? What would strike me as the most obvious setup would be to have an OpenACS Control Panel, and that could include APM, the Site Map (with links to admin sub-sites) and any other configuration systems.

I also realize that this isn't too far from what exists now. I suppose the main thing would be to unify the visual interface for these items so they all look & feel as part of the same control panel. That would include better navigation between the various sections. (tabbed UI seems to work well for this)

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Posted by Jarkko Laine on

You're right, the admin interface needs tweaking. Fortunately, there's some hope in sight.