Forum OpenACS Q&A: 2 ip addresses, 1 box , aolserver listens to ONE

We can get a second IP address on our new really fast server.
We'd like to put a few simple apache sites on the server
using the second IP address to segregate it from the openacs
aolservers running on the first IP address.  It appears
that AOL server listens to ports on both IP addresses.'

IS there a flag or technique to make aolserver listen to
only ports on the first IP address and IGNORE the second IP address?



You don't say what your settings are right now.

Check in your config.tcl file to see if perhaps the setting of "address" is "", which means "listen on all available IPs".

If you set address to be only the IP address you want it to listen on, it should do that.


Posted by Jerry Asher on
What is the setting of the config.tcl parameter address?
ns_section ns/server/$servername/module/nssock
ns_param ns_address
Try setting it to the one specific address you want AOLserver to grab.