Forum OpenACS Development: Re: New Plan for improving Edit-This-Page

Posted by Don Baccus on
We definitely want to migrate whatever comes out of this effort into the mainstream, I don't think there's *any* doubt of that!

I've been hesitant to look into doing anything soon in regard to importing code into our main code base because

1. I've wanted people to explore what's already available in the CMS/CR rather than blindly build more wheels where it is not necessary to do so.  And to understand where we do need more wheels (better API in other words)

2. Several people have been working on bits and pieces of the problem for personal or client projects; I want to see an organized effort.

3. I'm a believer in design (but not to the point where every detail needs to be worked out.)  I'd like people to take the time to really think this stuff out before jumping in and implementing stuff that's going to end up in our code base.  This is an area of *major* importance and a clean, robust API design is crucial IMO.  If Jun's stuff or Goldstein's stuff or Ola's stuff etc etc is just glommed together into some sort of mega-union of features we won't achieve the kind of clean consistency that makes an API shine.

4. I've really been hoping enough people would get together on this to form a critical mass and to make this stuff work with all objects, not just CR objects, if at all possible (though it is obviously possible that the CR API may include more features, for instance a better API built around the insert views for revisions, an approach that doesn't work for regular objects)