Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: dotLRN infrastructure and case studies

Posted by Lars Pind on

Thanks a bunch for contributing this. That's great.

One thing that struck me is in section 2.2.7: "... a lot of effort is going into making dorLRN complaint (LARS: compliant?) with SCORM 1.3 standards. This should be available in July 2003".

Apart from the typo in "complaint", does that mean that it's done now? Or it will be later this month? Or should the date be updated?

Let us know when we can link this from


Posted by Ernie Ghiglione on

As we discussed over the phone, I have started writing the doc about IMS and SCORM so we can put it on the community. I will make it available in a week or so. Right after that, I will start reading some code in different packages to see how to go about implementing IMS Metadata and Content Package specs as service contracts (or what ever it is) to make these implementation accessible from other applications.