Forum OpenACS Development: Package/url/filter based user messages

Posted by Dave Bauer on
I want to add a message to the user notification area (like ad_returnredirect -message or util_user_message) for every request under a certain URL.

The specific use case is under the assessment package www/asm-admin so that every page under there that is for a specific assessment will get the same user message.

If an assessment has been published and folks have already answered it, we want to notify the user that they are doing someting that might be a bad idea, like add/editing/removing a question.

I was also thinking it would be cool to do the same thing with a javascript popup with a "cancel" and "continue" button that could degrade to the user message with a "go back" link to allow the user to go back if they change their mind.

For now I am going to create a tcl proc and put it in every page that's relevant which is less magical but tedious and boring.