Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: dotlrn-xowiki and xowiki-portlet available

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
What do you mean by adding "podcast page as portlet"? the podcast itself is an xml file, rendering it passes xml mime-type, etc. That can't be embedded. The usual approach is to provide a link for the podcast. What we have done for the openacs-conference was to add a podcast icon with a link, as in:

[[image:podcast.jpg|Download Conference Presentationa as as Podcast|-href itpc://]]

For providing a link to a single podcast content file, use
[[file:ACSkonferenz_neumann_xowiki_cutVGA.mp4|Presentation Neumann]]

Posted by Matthew Coupe on
Yeah I think that's the best approach - I was looking for a lazy way of listing all of the files in the podcast within an xowiki page but it's no big deal to link to them manually.

The syntax for the iTunes link was something I couldn't find so thanks for that too.

Posted by Christian Fuchs on
Thanks for this link. Do you know how this would be possible, if the podcast is on an https:// webserver?


If I link to itpc:// it opens itunes, but itunes looks for not

Any ideas?

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
As far i know, a URL of the form itpc://somehost/somepage is always mapped to HTTP, and not to HTTPS. Podcasts are public, so the easiest approach is to accept podcast requests always via HTTP (allow HTTP for podcast urls).