Forum OpenACS Q&A: Alternate Page Templates in XOWiki (0.50)

Hi Folks

I'm using the 'oacs-view' template_file parameter to produce pages with the TOC panel on the left-hand side but I've run into a small problem - if a user requests a print of the page they don't really want the content panel just the requested page.

So I'm planning to offer a Print button to pop-up a version of the page without the content panel - essentially this wants to render the page using the equivalent of the 'view-default' template_file parameter but I struggling to make this happen.

Does anyone (or Gustaf :o)) know of a way to achieve this?

- Steve

Posted by Steve Manning on
Excellent thanks Gustaf. Thats exactly it - now I just have to work out how that works.

I thought all pages were rendered through the index.vuh file in the root of the xowiki package and that doesn't appear to accept template_file as a parameter.

- Steve