Forum OpenACS Q&A: IDE RAID-1 failed. New IDE drive in my hand. What next?

Using Red Hat 8.0....

I had a RAID-1 mirrored drive.  Two drives then, hda and hdc.  Each drive had four partitions, three of which participated in various raid devices, md0, md1, and md2.  Each drive had one partition hdx3 that did not participate in a raid device.  hda3 is my swap, hdc3 was a vfat partition.

/etc/raidtab is accurate and uptodate.

hdc failed a month or so ago, so I took it out of the machine and sent it in.  I never broke the raid.  I let the machine boot and shutdown with the md driver complaining of the lack of the drive.  I just got the replacement drive.

What next?  Do I need to partition the new drive or will raidhotadd do that for me?

What is the procedure for what I need to do next?

I would like it to be:
1)  Install new drive
2)  Boot
3)  Shutdown, and change jumper on new drive
4)  Boot
5)  raidhotadd -all

What should I really be doing?



With some advice from #openacs, it turned out that

1)  Install drive
2)  Wait for caulk to set
4)  Boot
3)  Partition the drive same as before
4)  raidhotadd /dev/mdX /dev/hdX for each raided partition
5)  ...
7)  Profit!

Worked just fine.

I am now waiting outcome of the bathtub curve.