Forum OpenACS Development: Re: relational segments: how do you use them

Posted by Tom Jackson on

As an example, if you have a group of a type unicycle_club, which is composed of a set of mini-groups of type uni_group, and possibly direct members as well. Each of these uni_groups has members with a membership_rel subtype of unicyclist_rel, parent_rel or coach_rel. (I had created these rel types as a subtype of membership_rel, but the mistake I made when adding new rels was to add using acs_rel__new, I think I need to use membership_rel__new, but set the rel_type to 'parent_rel', etc.)

Would a relational segment be useful, and how, in gathering togeather all the unicyclists, parents and coaches that are members of a unicycle_club group by virtue of the composition rel between the uni_group and the unicycle_club? Or how and why might you use a relational segment in this situation?