Forum OpenACS Q&A: Proposal for an OpenACS Benchmark Page

I recently installed oacs4. Default installation from CVS using Oracle. Having installed it, I've let it sit for about a week now, and it is happily responding to about 400 nimba and code red requests each day. It has also grown from about 28M to about 60M which makes it larger than many production sites I have which serve up more pages using OpenACS 3 and PostgreSQL.

So curious.... I searched here for memory leaks and growing memory and things like that. And it seems as though 60M maybe small, and it may all just be buffer space, or things being compiled and cached, and there isn't any real way to know just yet....

But I wonder if it would be useful to create an openacs benchmark page here at and/or module (run here and at the client site) in which users could note over time:

  • details of their system (OS, kernel, memory, ...?)
  • details of their AOLserver installation (stacksize, modules, locks, other AOLserver parameters)
  • details of their ACS installation (OACS version, database used, modules, ...?)
  • descriptive statistics taken from the access log:
    • average hits per day
    • peak hits
    • average page response size
    • trend information taken from the access log and possibly a cron job or aolserver module and maybe from information from (possibly enhanced) db drivers: (daily or weekly measurements for one month, or for the usual MTBF of the site)
      • memory use
      • hits per day
      • most frequently visited pages and modules
      • descriptive stats of page sizes (size, std. deviation, time to produce)
      • descriptive stats of queries (time to query, std. deviation, ?)
      • worse queries
      • apachebench (or ?) results of some predetermined number of urls (taken presumably at site's normal, daily slack time (2am local time (unless you are used to determine if or how response time is degrading over time
      • ???
Oh well, just a wish. No, I do not have a significant amount of time to implement such a module, but I wonder if god forbid, even a shared excel spreadsheet in user filestorage would be a good place to start....
Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
I second that. Whatever way it becomes available, we will contribute our statistics.
Posted by Claudio Pasolini on
There are already some tools that can respond to the majority of your questions:
  • Aolserver's nstelemetry.adp
  • the standard log analyzer suggesteded by OpenACS
  • and Cassandracle
Unfortunately nstelemetry.adp doesn't run anymore on my OpenACS 4.x servers.