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Posted by Jerry Asher on
Last week, I did an oacs4 install, and I found the included config.tcl wrong in a few regards. At the time I dismissed it and figured I just have a bizarro setup, and I do. (I have a configuration that allows me to "easily" install new aolserver applications, new aolserver versions, and change which aolserver instance hosts a particular aolserver application, and generally make my life alternatively easy and hellish.)

But I found that not only wasn't the sharedlibrary (modules/tcl) getting loaded, but in fact, enabletclpages wasn't set.

ns_httpget is defined in modules/tcl/http.tcl

This is usually underneath your main aol directory, but locate will help you find it.

Are the files in modules/tcl being loaded? I believe in the oacs4 context, this should be loaded by a config.tcl section that may look a bit like this: (There's a 98% chance you will need to define ${aolroot} near the top of the config.tcl)

ns_section ns/server/${servername}/tcl
ns_param sharedlibrary ${aolroot}/modules/tcl
I also found enabletclpages was not being set. That would look like this:
ns_section ns/server/${servername}
ns_param enabletclpages true
So does anyone with a fresh install of aolserver and oacs4 have access to ns_http{get/post}? Or have tcl pages working?
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Posted by Vinod Kurup on
My setup is different from the one in the docs, but I just checked and I haven't set 'enabletclpages' or 'sharedlibrary', yet ns_httpget works for me. I'm using aolserver 4 with openacs 4.6.3.