Forum OpenACS CMS: Re: Top Ten (or Five?) Features you want in an OpenACS CMS

Here's my "top five" RIGHT now:
  1. Use/improve file storage (simplify the permissions interface, upload of zipped files, get webdav to work, support multilingual versions of same content, etc.). File storage seems to be all we have right now to deal with any content other than text in forms (or where do you upload a file you want to publish on if you do not have an account on the box itself?).
  2. Add Edit-This-Page to file storage. Adding an edit button that calls up a polished ETP UI for text/html content types would go a long way.
  3. A way (e.g. publish button) of creating a static copy of a file storage instance ("site") in the file system (so AOLServer can deal with things like the Slashdot Effect and users have a VERY portable static copy of their content). We could even provide some "pretty demo sites" as Danielle suggest, that could be included with the package and published "at the press of a button".
  4. An easy way for users to add additional metadata (attributes in ETP?) and get them to show up in the content (stuff like created, published, last edited, abstract, authors, keywords, etc.). Something like what Tammy suggests (UI for adding content types and attributes in ETP)?
  5. An easy way for users to add workflow to the equation.

I would like to wrap OpenACS packages and ".LRN groups" around content publication. Examples: list of links to content in file storage an author/editor/publisher needs to edit/approve/reject/publish today (workflow portlet), author invites a coauthor to work on a document (.LRN group), a discussion evolves around a piece of content (group forum), deadlines are set for publication (group calendar), log for time spent on specific jobs (group logger), etc.

Hope to make the CMS chat in a couple of hours.


Hey Carl,

starting with file storage is not such a dumb idea - in fact it's a fantastic idea! It gives us hierarchical structure, versioning and mime base file typing...

#3 kinda scares me though - makes me nostalgic for Userland frontier ;) it would not work for complex templates that change, but maybe not such a bad idea. I would think more of an automated caching system to cope with the slashdot effect.

if i stay awake see you in irc

Having thought more about this in the shower, I whipped up the following page:

the first item is an etp page with my file-storage based cms thoughts. registered users on my site have edit permissions, so feel free to add comments or improvements!