Forum OpenACS CMS: CMS User Interface Scalability...

Posted by Dave Bauer on
CHeck out this article about user interface scalability. Things we will want to keep in mind.

Posted by Mark Aufflick on
great article Dave. Having spent a lot of time with a few php cms's lately I sympathise greatly with the issue - becuase even when putting in sample content some ui's just suck for time efficiency.

i think we have a few basic design goals:

* limit the number of clicks for all operations - pooling as many choices as possible onto the one page
* keep the look and feel across similar functins as similar as possible
* provide "bulk" options - like bulk upload, tickbox clicking in the tree view for bulk deletes/moves etc.
* consistant naming across all functions (a big failure of existing systems)

there are probably more, where did i put that Jacob Nielson book...