Forum OpenACS Development: Re: WebDAV Implementation for OpenACS

Posted by Tomasz Kosiak on
Some time ago I took a look into AOLserver WebDAV from Musea Technologies (Talli Somekh company). It was rather experimental version and failed to work with Microsoft Explorer WebDAV (Open/Web Folder). But maybe it has improved since that. As far as I remember it was derived from Apache mod_webdav. Now in our solutions we use nsvhr proxing to Apache to do the WebDAV for our clients.

Anyway I'm very interested in having WebDAV in AOLserver - especially integrated with our CMS. We also thought about sponsoring such development. We know one person (Polish programmer) who probably can do it. I belive we cannnot help  much in sponsoring such development in the US, because of difference in salaries in our countries. But if you help us to pay somone in Poland it could be feasable.

I could contact such person, but I need more precise specification what has to be done.