Forum OpenACS Development: Why require site registration?

Posted by Steve Ivy on
it is likely to lead to zero repeat donations from anyone other than regular site users. This is surely not what you want.

This is true. I'm trying to remember now why I designed the system to require membership, and having a hard time. I'll look at it again and see about changing it.

Ok, some of it is coming back to me: requiring site registration gave us a way to use the existing user table for donors, and extend on OACS's account management features (/pvt/home, etc) for allowing donors to view their donation history, etc. Otherwise I need to build and manage a seperate Donor table, as well as creating the "donor account" pages. Oh, and, um, providing a password scheme to protect them?

Anyway, if that's what I need to do then that's what I need to do, but that was the reasoning behind it.