Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: automated stock trading standards - FIX, FIXML, etc.

Posted by John Sequeira on

These folks

presented their DeepGreen automated trading system at codecon last year.  If their order execution infrastructure is declassified,  perhaps you can find some reference to it on the web or by contacting them directly.  Though not open source,  presenting at codecon seems to imply a certain openness ...

My sense is that the *ML boat hasn't yet arrived in the financial world.  I'm sure what you want exists as a packaged API/service just like the various e-commerce offerings,  but expect to shell out some dough.

3: Michael Korns's Deep Green (response to 2)
Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Deep Green doesn't seem to actually be mentioned on their website at all, so here are some other links:

Before the conference, Linux Journal published an overview of of the presentation that more detailed than the CodeCon one. Robert Kaye gave a report on it from the Feb. 2003 CodeCon presentation. Apparently you can also download an audio recording of the presentation.

Michael Korns also has his own website with much more information than All about intelligent agents though, nothing about how their one man mutual or hedge fund handles its trade executions.