Forum OpenACS Q&A: When you forget someone's name...

Posted by Jerry Asher on
You know the difference between you and *successful* people is that YOU are the only one to forget someone's name.  And your reaction is not to ask, because you're a social geek.  And a loser.

Michael Kinsley is interviewing Wesley Clark, Zoe Baird, and numerous other politicos on the new daytoday show, and guess what, they all fess up to the same problem, though they do solve it in different ways.  But most solve it like you do.  Some give a warm welcome and then when they (assuming they do) clue in, give the name at that point or in closing as in, "Good to see you again, uh, Talli, and I'll see you at the next fund raiser."

Off topic for openacs dev, maybe on topic for openacs dev jobs.  Note: you may still be a loser.