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Posted by Roberto Mello on
Hi Dirk,

I don't know why you posted to this thread, but...

The "mailing list" for CVS commits is actually just an alias, so no subscriptions or other mailing list services.

I wrote the CVS-to-Forums script a while ago with the intention of letting people follow the CVS commits. But it turns out that because the script is written in plain Tcl (not in AOLserver) and notifications does not have an PL/(pg)SQL API, then the script could never send out e-mails. Only insert into forums.

However, inserting to forums at commit time proved to be too time consuming, so the script was de-activated, apparently while I Was down in Brazil.

On July 28th I sent this mail to the gatekeepers alias:

Hi all,

I am re-writing my Tcl CVS logger script to be a bit different. Instead of logging the CVS commit log to CVS at commit time, it would be run off a scheduled job (perhaps as an OpenACS package) and do the following:

1) Scan for new commits
2) Insert the logs into the forums
3) Call notifications

I would like to add a 4th feature: automatic closing of bugs in bugtracker. It would work like this:

a) Parse CVS log and find out who made the commit.
b) Check if s/he has permission to close the bug in bug-tracker.
c) If so, close the bug. If not, perhaps send a URL to the admin with the bugs that were closed, asking him to close them by clicking on the URL.

I would use a syntax like Debian's bug tracking system (i.e. closes: #bug_number)

Objections? Suggestions?

Would there be any objections to making dotLRN CVS commits available in the forums? And for now, making them go to gatekeepers just like OpenACS commits? I'm working on intranetizing dotLRN and having the commits would be useful to track changes.

Adding the diffs could be another feature of the above. Hopefully this all would be a general openacs package that could be used by anyone.

Meanwhile, you can follow the CVS commits through Jeff's CVS tool, which syndicates the logs through RSS (not sure if it does diffs).


Posted by Dirk Gomez on
If you start work on a new project, you often take old code and adapt it to your needs. That is a very sensible approach, because you work off a "proven" code base.

Jarkko's post that you shouldn't use this or that PostgreSQL tricks although they are allover the OpenACS code just "inspired" me to post. If we have commits with diffs, we would have something like code reviews and I am convinced that we would have much less hackish or outdated code in our CVS repository.