Forum OpenACS Q&A: new installation of OpenAcs 4.6.3 on Debian Woody

Hello everyone,

I am back with openacs, slightly higher on the learning curve since my last post.
As it says on the opening page of my new openacs site, I am letting you all know about my experience with the new installation.
I am not sure whether is me or the fact that everything has become so much easier and stable (probably the latter). It took me just a day to get everything up and running bar OpenFTS which I'll worry about later.
Until now I've spent my time (apart from earning a living somehow) learning a bit more about basic network concepts, dns, domains etc, email admin, using a tape drive for backup... these were things which I found useful before thinking again to experiment with webservices (e.g. openacs).
I don't know if I am yet good enough to contribute, but I hope I will at some point be able to learn more by helping others to learn... as they say.

Posted by Jade Rubick on
Welcome back, Paul :)