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Posted by Tim Brasher on

I'm a new user to OpenACS and was referred to this by a mate who told me the e-commerce facilities offered here are fantastic

Unfortunately I'm not a developer, just a business man, and had trouble installing, but got past that stage

Now just trying to see how the e-commerce package works, but not sure how to go about that - does anyone know of any good tutorials or documentation on this?

Or even some URLs where this package is used so I can see what its capable of?


2: Re: E-commerce Package (response to 1)
Posted by Jonathan Ellis on
well, to play with adding products etc., mount the ecommerce package (say, as /ec) then go to /ec/admin/ and have fun.

Mail me if you'd like to see a barely-customized example.

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Posted by Lachlan Myers on
Its pretty capable in terms of adding products, structuring product categories/ groupings, deleting products, setting up catalogues, doing searches, offering special pricing etc.

The suggestion to play around for a while on a local instance is a good one.

Hard part is setting up the payment links - these are mostly US card based. Theres been some discussion of UK card links, but I'm not sure how far it got. None I know of for AU, NZ.

There may be a Paypal link out there somewhere, but I haven't come across it.

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Posted by John Holroyd on
You can use templates to link up with PayPal & Worldpay etc.
You can use with the gateway for UK payments, though they can ask for some unusual terms like dont sell computers if you are a computer seller etc.
If you need it customising then look up Bart Teeuwisse who I'm sure will be able to help you implement something.
5: Re: E-commerce Package (response to 1)
Posted by Bart Teeuwisse on

some examples of ecommerce sites made with the OpenACS ecommerce package:


to name but a few. Hope this helps.