Forum OpenACS Q&A: Why the 'bookself' package isn't included in the oacs final 4.6.3 version?

Why the 'bookself' package isn't included in the downloadable oacs final 4.6.3 version?

Somebody could tell me which the reason?

It appears to be only available in the CVS.


I have a similar (but not the same) question about a few other things.  For example, FAQ seems to have been I18N'ed before 4.6.3, but distributed tar ball has no [_ calls at all.  I'd guess branch tagging (or committing) is at fault here...

I guess bookshelf hasn't been accepted as a part of the OACS package yet. IIRC there's a tendence not to take many new packages in the "distribution", but to give an option to download them separately from I think Peter is collecting a list of all packages and this list with download links should become available at the site if it isn't already there. I agree that at the moment it's a bit hard to find available packages for people not familiar with CVS.


OpenACS 4.6.x does not support internationalisation, so FAQ (nor any other package) distributed in 4.6.3 tarball can't be an i18nized one either.

If you want to be able to use different languages than English or i18nize existing packages, you have to checkout the code from CVS head. Instructions are available here:

I think head should be fairly stable at the moment. Note that you'll need tdom in order to use it, though.

One particular reason bookshelf isn't included is that it was never ported to Oracle.

Volunteers? :)


I've just tried to download the bookshelf package from CVS and I get an error:

cvs server: cannot find module `bookshelf' - ignored

when I try to check it out from either 4.6.3 or head.

Hi James,

It doesn't seem to be part of the 4.6.3 final tag, but I was able to check it out from the head using:

cvs checkout openacs-4/packages/bookshelf

Hope that helps...

Thanks Robert, that did the trick.