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Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Dear Community

This is a summary of the changes in XoWiki since the release of 0.50

In addition to a major code cleanup, various bug-fixes, and improved
documentation the following changes are the most important from
a user point of view.

  • Generalization of ::xowiki::PageTemplate/
    ::xowiki::PageInstance called ::xowiki::Form/::xowiki::FormPage

    The new features of ::xowiki::Forms are:
    • one step definition of form entries
    • auto-generated input forms and manually generated HTML forms (or combinations)
    • specification of tables containing form entries
    • named/unnamed entries
    • categories can be turned on/of on a per form basis
    • entry specific localization of form fields
    • support for wym-editor
    • For a more detailed discussion of the new features, see

    • Easier inclusion of XoWiki pages from other XoWiki instances
      of the same installation.

      One can now use e.g.

      this is a test {{//some_other_wiki/current_work}}

      where the language of the included page matches the
      language (prefix) of the current page. The same resolution
      rules as for links apply.

      To include a page of a different language, use e.g.
      the German text is: {{//some_other_wiki/de:current_work}}

    • Improvements for Google sitemaps. Google seem to
      have lately problems with sitemaps specified though
      query variables. The prototype pages sitemap.xml and
      sitemap-index.xml address this problem.

    • Prototype Pages
      • Manual loading of prototype pages
        Example: xowiki/?import_prototype_page=index
      • New section about prototype pages in the documentation
      • New included pro-type pages
        • announcements
        • bib
        • news
        • news-item
        • sitemap.xml
        • sitemap-index.xml
        • New includelets
          • for book mode: create-item-button,
            edit-item-button, delete-item-button. Use these e.g. with

            {{book -menu_buttons "edit-item-button create-item-button delete-item-button"}}

            The buttons are only displayed if the use has sufficiently rights to active it.

          • available-includelets: listing of includelets available in the installation

          • unread-items: list the unread pages of an XoWiki instance (pages, which
            have not been viewed by the user).
          • Optional usage of <embed> markup to embed sound
            etc. The embed tag is used if one of the options (width
            height align pluginspage pluginurl hidden href target
            autostart loop volume controls controller mastersound
            starttime endtime) is specified in a link of a

            Example: [[file:Birds.mp3|Birds|-height 20 -autostart false]]

            Changes in xotcl-core in the same period:

            • Improved database interface for calling stored procedures
            • All stored procedures from the database packages are
              interfaced through methods of ::xo::db::sql::<package-name>,
              such one can call e.g. ::xo::db:sql::content_item new ....
            • calls are documented via API-browser
              (see /xotcl/show-object?object=::xo::db::DbPackage)
            • "::xo::db::sql select" interface for database driver abstraction
            • The release was tested with
              - aolserver 4.0.10 and aolserver 4.5
              - tcl 8.4.14 and Tcl 8.4.15
              - xotcl 1.4.0 and xotcl 1.5.3 and xotcl 1.5.4
              - PostgreSQL 8.2.0 and Oracle 9.2.0.
              (Many thanks to UNED to provide me access to Oracle!)

              XoWiki requires at least tdom 0.8.0 (released Aug 2004).

              These versions are available in cvs HEAD and in the oacs-5-3 branch.

2: Re: XoWiki 0.60 available (response to 1)
Posted by Jon Griffin on
I just updated and got the following error when I tried the new form
From field 'text' has unknown attribute 'height'
    while executing
"error [_ xowiki.error-form_constraint-unknown_attribute [list name [my name] entry $attribute]]"
    ("*=*" arm line 6)
    invoked from within
"switch -glob $s {
        optional    {my set required false}
        required    {my set required true}
        label=*     {my label     [lindex [sp..."
    (procedure "config_from_spec" line 15)
    ::xotcl::__#e ::xowiki::FormField->config_from_spec
    invoked from within
"my config_from_spec [my spec]"
    (procedure "init" line 7)
    ::xotcl::__#e ::xowiki::FormField->init
    ::xowiki::FormField ::xotcl::Class->create
    ::xowiki::FormField ::xotcl::Class->new
    invoked from within
"FormField new -name $name  -id        [::xowiki::Portlet html_id F.[my name].$name]  -locale    [my nls_language]  -label     $label  -type      [expr..."
    (procedure "create_form_field" line 28)
    ::xotcl::__#Y ::xowiki::Page->create_form_field
    invoked from within
"$data create_form_field  -name $__field  -slot [$data find_slot $__field]  -spec [lindex $__spec 1]  "
    (procedure "mkFields" line 41)
    ::xowiki::f1 ::xowiki::WikiForm->mkFields
    invoked from within
"my mkFields"
    (procedure "init" line 24)
    ::xowiki::f1 ::Generic::Form->init
    ::xowiki::FormForm ::xotcl::Class->create
    invoked from within
"[$object_type getFormClass -data [self]] create ::xowiki::f1 -volatile  -action  [export_vars -base [$package_id url] $action_vars]  -data [self]  -fo..."
    (procedure "edit" line 56)
3: Re: XoWiki 0.60 available (response to 2)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Jon, you are quite fast. fixed in cvs. one should not be allowed to cleanup code on the day of a release.
4: Re: XoWiki 0.60 available (response to 1)
Posted by Jon Griffin on
You know how much my site depends on xowiki ;) hopefully this is the only fix you need.

I promise if it is only an admin issue I will not report it until tomorrow.

5: Re: XoWiki 0.60 available (response to 1)
Posted by Avni Khatri on
Gustaf -

We (CTRL, UCLA) tested xoWiki on Oracle 9i this week.
It works great.

much thanks. :-)