Forum OpenACS Q&A: Job: Web developers needed for cardiac software

FYI, Mark Huth is looking for a web development firm to build a web based version of tools they've developed for use by physicians and nurses involved in treating heart failure.

I suggested Mark contact some of the OpenACS consultancies here, he said he plans to. They're a medium sized group of 7 physicians, 10 other staff, plenty of cardiology but no computer, web, or database expertise at all - so Mark is in charge of finding them some.

Posted by xx xx on
I don't know if anybody is applying for this job, but -if so- good luck. As a physician I have relevant experience with cardiology and exercise testing. Let me know if you need back-up.
Posted by Talli Somekh on
Aldert, you're a doctor too!?! That makes 5 in the community, i think...