Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Is it time for NaviServ Again?

Posted by Nima Mazloumi on
Maybe Vienna has tried out naviserver?
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Nima yes,

i did a port of openacs to naviserver in the past, and i will try again, when a new release is out. In naviserver, there is much progress in various areas, and the active developers are changing the structures where existing ones are not satisfying. This is a good thing, but quite different from the traditional "stability" of aolserver (which has it advantages as well). Fact is, the naviserver deviates more and more from aolserver. I have stopped to catch up with the changes for the time being and wait for the next release.

On the other hand, i would not overweight the relevations about aolserver 4.5 config right now. It is out since a year or so, and many people are using it happily in their environments (true, mostly without virtual servers). This configuration issues can be fixed with moderate effort.