Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Is it time for NaviServ Again?

Posted by Vlad Seryakov on
No porting is needed, i am using apps there i was running on AS 3.5, then 4.0. Some API changed but mostly old Tcl API is the same, we just have many new commands.

Naviserver is fork of AS 4.0.11 but this year we ported some stuff from AS 4.5, mostly pools, tasks, new ns_http command but NS has new ns_https/lightweight nsssl module.

As for seriousness, Zoran relies its business on it, i am using it as swiss knife and actually at my new company we are using it for backend/server parts, i am not sure how Stephen relies on it. And, this is opensource project, we do not have many commiters but this is because of lack of popularity, we never intended to fight for aolserver developers or lure them from AS.

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on

concerning "no porting is needed": well, naviserver 4.99.1 did not work out of the box with openacs due to interface changes between aolserver and naviserver. See for a summary, what was necessary for getting naviserver 4.99.1 to work with openacs:
see for example these two changes.
Also openacs-4.5 required a few changes in openacs when it came out.

With the various head versions of naviserver, i had in the past problems with the loading semantics, ns_cache and encodings. All of these problems are fixable to work with minimal invasive changes with openacs, but i don't expect the naviserver head version to work out of the box right now.

Concerning seriousness: i have no doubts about seriousness of the naviserver team, naviserver is here to stay.

Vlad, is there a reason that the nice documentation is your site and not on the naviserver sourceforge site?

Posted by Vlad Seryakov on
SF CVS and wiki is sooo slowww i could not stand it anymore an d put a copy of files into my personal web site. Plus, i am running naviserver, so using PHP wiki to promote naviserver/Tcl is not the best option in my opinion.

We've decided to minimize maintenance efforts still to use SF and CVS but i am personally do like it but this is in no way some kind of fork or anything pulling from the project, just faster access.