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Posted by Pavel Boghita on
I have started openacs registering as admin as per the instruction with an address lets say
I have changed the default-master template so in the footer it displays something else.
Some of the admin pages have a index.tcl to generate the page therefore <master> isn't called;[ad_admin_owner] is used instead, which the docs say that it displays the email address of the Administrator of the site. I have changed the email address of the administrator (the only user so far) through the users administration page to, but that doesn't seem to have filtered through the database, as is still displayed.
I have rebooted the server and restarted pgsql and the openacs service, but it still displays the old address.
Is there another way to change details about the Administrator ?


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Posted by Pavel Boghita on
I wished this forum had the option of deleting your own posting...
Once again, the solution is very simple... All I had to do is to change the acs-kernel parameters in the site-map section.
3: Re: Administrator details (response to 1)
Posted by Robert Locke on
No, your post shouldn't be deleted.  You asked a legitimate question and gave a good answer.

Perhaps one day your post will help someone else. =)