Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Lars Blogger multilanguage support

Posted by Eduardo Santos on
Hi Malte,

I'm sure this is a good solution when you have one instance of lars-blogger wich serves the news in the website's front page. However, I don't know it's the best interface when you have blogs in .LRN. We already have the dotlrn-xowiki package, wich works very well as I can see, but it's suposed to be an Wiki. So, in my environment users access Xowiki for documentation and lars-blogger for news. If I moved the news for Xowiki, it would not be clear to the users when they are posting news or contributing with the documentation.

There's another issue. How would I deal with community creation? When I create a community and put the lars-blogger inside it, the news space is ready to post. If I moved them to Xowiki, I would have to create a weblog portlet manually and put it int hte community's front page, what can cause me a lot of extra work that I don't want to have.

Thinking about that, I can't see a solution other than change the lars-blogger datamodel.

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
You can just make a new "news-portal" which instantiates a second XoWIKI instance in the community, wouldn't that help? Like dotlrn-xowiki-news or something in that line.

I am just concerned you are going to put a lot of effort into something which could be solved with less effort differently.

Changing the datamodell is not the hard part, getting the multi language bit right seems to be more of an issue for me at least. And with XoWIKI you also get "Teaser" support, which allows you to display a different text on the summary page then is on the actual full page (instead of the 50 first characters or whatever you have configured).