Forum OpenACS Development: Spring cleaning in the database

Posted by Jerry Asher on
On one client's development site, /acs-admin/users/one? of the site admin takes 160 seconds, and produced 1Mbyte of output, most of which is a listing of a "ACS Mail Messages" sent out to about 2,000 people in one spam session.

This suggests the system may become difficult to administer in the future.  Three minutes due to one spam at a moderately sized site.  What happens when there are lots of people and lots of spam?

I am not sure which if any, of the following actions is the right thing to do:

a)  do nothing, avoid that page in demonstrations
b)  delete these things manually from the db
c)  change the spam module
d)  change the acs-admin/users/one page
e)  implement periodic db cleanups

f)  ???

What is the OpenACS 4 approach to getting rid of old records in the db?

Posted by Dave Bauer on
Don't bother with the rows.

Fix that silly page. The list of objects is unecessary.