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I am trying to follow along with the tutorial(creating a new package called notes) but I encountered a problem. I was told to edit the "index.xml" file. I was supposed to run the make command but I get some errors. I did some reearch and I realized that I need doc-xsl or xsl-stylesheets folder which I have installed. I tried to run make again and this is the error I received

cp -u *.png ..
cd .. ; /usr/bin/xsltproc ../../../acs-core-docs/www/xml/openacs.xsl xml/index.xml
xmlNanoHTTPConnectAttempt: Connect attempt timed out.xmlNanoHTTPConnectAttempt: Connect attempt timed out.xml/index.xml:3: warning: failed to load external
entity ""
Writing requirements-introduction.html for sect1(requirements-introduction)
Writing requirements-overview.html for sect1(requirements-overview)
Error Undefined namespace prefix
xmlXPathCompiledEval: evaluation failed
make: *** [html] Error 10

I also need to download Docbook XML DTD and get xsltproc. How do I go about handling all that? How do I configure my DocBook to convert xml to html.

Thank you James

Posted by Joel Aufrecht on
The simplest way to download the DTD and get xsltproc in Redhat is to install the RPMs docbook-xml v4.2, docbook-xsl v1.56, libxslt 1.0.21, and xsltproc 1.0.21.  You don't configure DocBook to convert xml to html.  Instead, you use xsltproc in combination with an xsl stylesheet to process an xml file.  The stylesheet is the set of rules to produce html from xml.
Posted by James Bennin on
Thank you for your reply.  Now the question I have is where do I find these softwares or programs, and do I install them?

Thank you


Posted by Joel Aufrecht on
Which distribution are you using?  In red hat, they are all part of Red Hat 9 and you can use RPM or System Settings -> Add/Remove Applications.
Posted by James Bennin on
I am running Red Hat 8.0

service0=# select version();
 PostgreSQL 7.2.4 on i686-pc-linux-gnu, compiled by GCC gcc (GCC) 3.2 20020903 (Red Hat Linux 8.0 3.2-7)
(1 row)

Thank you