Forum .LRN Q&A: Virtual and Live .LRN/OpenACS Project Zen Project Bug Bashes (August 25, 26th 2007)

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We are having a weekend bug bash on August 25th and 26th. The goal of
these bug bashes is to continue the Zen work and facilitate the OpenACS core
and dotLRN package cleanups. We will also work on cleaning out bugtracker tickets.

More info coming soon. Please join!

I'm in LA and will be available to participate. Please give me an orientation to the process.

I'm particularly interesting in getting more familiar with the resolved and existing bugs as they relate to the bugs that I've identified in my instances.

We are in the virtual world on IRC at the #openacs channel.

The goals for now are to:

1. Go through bugtracker list and fix bugs on the openacs-5-3 branch.
2. Checkout openacs-5-3, find, and input bugs into the bugtracker.

The bugtracker is here: