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16: Re: Master explanation (response to 15)
Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
sure malte,
we wonder if we could upload it to cvs.

I created an api at /acs-subsite/tcl/subsite-procs, and made tabbed menu as a parameter of mainsite. Then i call the api on openacs-master page

exactly as it's on zen pkg.

what would be the best way send you?

17: Re: Master explanation (response to 16)
Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Make a commit to CVS on HEAD and I will check it out and others can then rip my head off it it does not meet the standards and need to be rolled back.

Just make sure that whatever you do, the default behavior is still the same but it sounds like you did this already.

18: Re: Master explanation (response to 16)
Posted by Don Baccus on
Please explain in more detail what you've done, and please don't commit until afterwards.

Currently core has separate masters for tabbed and untabbed styles, and it sounds like you've added a parameter that partially duplicates or does this in parallel or something?

20: Re: Master explanation (response to 16)
Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Iuri, just provide a diff from acs-subsite on HEAD and the /www directiory. Open a ticket in the bug tracker, provide the diff as a patch. Post the link here. I will test it and report back. Dave can then incorporate this into his work (or not). If that is too much work for you, just send me the changed files via E-Mail :-). I think Don is right, do not commit to HEAD as we do not have a "playground" which lets us revert changes anymore. Sorry for me making this suggestion which would have saved us some work.

Don, with regards to openness I would have expected something like Furthermore, before it is incorporated it definitely needs a TIP or am I mistaken there? Same should apply to any changes with the default master and new structures how they are split up, when they are joined, which CSS are going to stay, where they are going to stay, what the logic is behind all this and so on and so forth.

Knowing how many sites broke on upgrade to 5.3.1 I am really weary about any changes being done without proper explanation what needs to be done. And I have yet not seen a page which describes what needs to happen to keep your 5.3.0 design when doing the upgrade. But maybe its just me and anyone I work with who ran into that issue and it works fine for everybody else, no explanations required.

I can only say that I recommend to be weary of OpenACS upgrades of the master templates at the moment and keep them in your own directory as described at That at least saved me from manually fixing 4 sites after running into the upgrade problem, broken styles and so on on the old ones. Guess why I made sure you can have the "standard.adp" form template reside in a different location than acs-templating/resources/forms/ in the first place? Because it changed so much that none of the clients I had where happy, but where not willing to pay the CSS guy to do the ammendments which previously where done in the tables in the divs now.

I am not saying this was a wrong move (going to DIVs and so on), but for a minor release this was a heavy move. And without proper documentation on "how can I keep my customizations when I upgrade to 5.3.1" it is hard on people.

21: Re: Master explanation (response to 20)
Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
The whole upload CVS stuff
turned into very big deal deal. Take a look at this site,
It seems we will have more discussion a lot about new styles , DIVS, SPANS this and that ...
Take a look at The white dog is out.

Malte, I will just send them by email.
One thing, you wil need to copy the pages, go to the code, create the parameters and upload the API at your system.
I believe you know well about it.

22: Re: Master explanation (response to 21)
Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
I see /acs-subsite/www/group-master, from HEAD, now is a lot diferent from the past.
Did someone take the features away?