Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Howto: Expand and Use acs-subsite Based Member Roles

Posted by Randy O'Meara on
Robert: glad to help. The first pass at user-join fixes is logged as a bug with patch against 4.6 CVS tip at I made some additional changes, including the invitation_code requirement, to a local copy that I now use in my development.  You can grab the patch if you want. If you want the other changes, let me know and I'll email my local copy to you.

Jun: again, glad to help.


P.S. I see a couple typos in the above post, but nothing that will affect the sample code. There is a repeated paragraph at the end of the "Relational Segments Create & Permission" section that should be deleted. It was a leftover from a copy/past of a previous section. The last section says "AOCS" and it should be "OACS"...fumble fingers.