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3: Re: Installation problems (response to 1)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
The message says that the aolserver does not find the psql binary (part of postgres).

In your aolserver configuration for openacs (the file you provided to the start of the aolserver) you have a n entry like

ns_section "ns/db/driver/postgres"
ns_param pgbin /usr/local/postgres/bin/
check, of you have psql in this directory. if not, adjust the path accordingly.

4: Re: Installation problems (response to 3)
Posted by Tom Jackson on
Hmm, I've never used this param. Are there any other params in 'ns/db/driver/$drivername'?

I use postgres, and I don't have this ns_section, although an old config has param 'datastyle'.

Why wouldn't the bin directory be part of the path for the process?