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Posted by James Bennin on
I am running OpenACS 4.6.3 with PostgreSQL 7.2 on Red Hat Linux 8.0. I wanted to know which packages are searchable?  I want to develop a site where users can go in and upload file, according to different categories.  I want them to be able to search for the different categories and, by the same token, the different files available.  I am using file storage for that purpose.  THat is the only package I am aware of for storing, loading, and downloading files (if there are better to suit my needs please let me know)  I was wondering if the file storage package was searchable?  I have entered a few files and urls in the package, but when I go to the search page and search for them, I get no result.  What should I do?
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Posted by Jade Rubick on
If you're comfortable working through the code a bit, I'd modify file-storage for this purpose.

If you're willing to add categories to file storage, that would probably do the job for you. This might also be a useful addition for other people, so you can see if others are interested in this functionality. If they are, then you may be able to get it included in the default file-storage.

I believe on another thread you figured out how to get searching working on file-storage.