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Hi Hamilton!

Yes, now it is working.

I will like to use that filestorage alternatively
with the old. That will be user election. Is it possible?
One parameter to do that? One flag in the index.adp?


Posted by Hamilton Chua on
Hi Agustin,

I'm glad you got it working. My recommendation is to add a parameter in the file storage package (e.g. UseAjaxUi)

Then in the index.tcl and index.adp of your file storage package. You can check for the value of this parameter.



Hi again!

I have put one toggle in the index.tcl / index.adp for
every user can change the file viewer.

Some ideas I have seen:

-How to "Copy" files and folders?
-Perhaps "Download" for files in file contextual menu?
-Menu contextual for folders (left window) ?
-Drag and drop from file explorer?
-Lost two labels in catalog: File and CopyLink

Thanks for you time!