Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Error deleting a xowiki page

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Just to paraphrase your message: you got this error, when deleting an xowiki page, which was commented through the "General Comments" package. This was indeed incorrect. Seems as if general comments are not used often, at least not in connection with xowiki. Interesting enough, general comments has only an API for adding comments but none for deleting comments.

I have just now committed updates to the oacs-5-3 branch, which does the following:
- Adding automatically permissions to allow registered users to add general_comments (when general_comments is configured)
- Deleting automatically comments from general_comments, when a commented page is deleted (when general_comments is configured)

A similar fix will follow soon in cvs head.

-gustaf neumann

Posted by Nima Mazloumi on
You are right. GC has no delete functionality.